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Peugeot 206 WRC, 2005 Monte Carlo Rally #63, Xavier Pons


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Peugeot 206 WRC, 2005 Monte Carlo Rally #63, Xavier Pons

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  1. Posté le 29/04/2012 à 10:11:03  
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Hi Guys;

It's been a while I didn't have chance to do some progress on my projects due to some problems at home and work.
this model was on the bench waiting for a replacement of a wrong sized decal. and finally, I have had chance to finish the model this weekend.

In this project, I tried to replicate an Spanish drivers car.

Xavier Pons, who was born in 1980 is one of the youngster Spanish drivers competing in WRC arena after Carlos Sainz. During his first periods in WRC, he had been supported by the Spanish Automobile Sports Federation, RACC. and he had been competing in JWRC, PWRC and finally in WRC.
During his WRC career he also had been in big teams such as Citroen, Mitsubishi and Subaru. unfortunately, unlike the other Spanish young driver Dani Sordo, he was not lucky or fast enough to continue...

Cette url n'existe plus

Xavier Pons first started to compete in A8 (WRC) category in 2005 which the season opener was the legend rally, Monte Carlo. He was driving for Bozian team with a Peugeot 206 WRC. during that rally his team mate was the famous French driver Francois Delecour.
Despite a nice competition during the rally, he was retired after facing an engine failure problem in the 14th stage.

So, this is the story behind my project, the Peugeot 206 WRC...

Highlights of the 2005 Monte Carlo rally​=RwEXm4hny0c

2005 Monte Carlo Rally final results

I didn't have chance to take too many photos of the WIP but below may give you some idea..

The base model was an Autoart 1/18..​bums/rr314/omeryetis/​g

First, I painted the model with Tamiya TS 49, bright red color.​bums/rr314/omeryetis/DSC08165.​jpg

Then I applied the decals and the Tamiya Clear coated.. and finally assembled the model.​bums/rr314/omeryetis/DSC08166.​jpg

PEUGEOT 206 WRC, #63
2005 Monte Carlo Rally
Xavier Pons & his co-pilot Oriol Julia​bums/rr314/omeryetis/60804483y​b2.jpg​bums/rr314/omeryetis/DSC08333.​jpg​bums/rr314/omeryetis/DSC08329.​jpg​bums/rr314/omeryetis/DSC08328.​jpg​bums/rr314/omeryetis/DSC08325.​jpg​bums/rr314/omeryetis/DSC08324.​jpg​bums/rr314/omeryetis/DSC08336.​jpg​bums/rr314/omeryetis/DSC08323.​jpg​bums/rr314/omeryetis/DSC08326.​jpg

I hope you guys enjoy and like my latest model

looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

all the best,

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