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Law and Order is so popular!!


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Law and Order is so popular!!

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  1. Posté le 12/05/2010 à 04:43:54  
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Law and Order SVU is the popular spinoff from the incredibly successful Law and Order. The crimes in this marvelous series focus on the "heinous" sex crimes. The stories are often quite disturbing and sometimes the outcome is less than satisfactory, but one can't deny the power this series brings in its unexploitative deliveries. The first season introduces us to the team, and creator Dick Wolf has a splendid cast indeed. Christopher Meloni exudes toughness, sensitivity and strong parental guidance as Elliott Stabler, a seasoned vet with three children and an understanding supportive wife (well played by Isabelle Gillies). Law and Order,Emmy winner Mariska Hargitay is riveting in her portrayal of Benson, the child of a rape victim herself; her compassion and quiet strength give the series a strong foundation; Law and Order,Richard Belzer is Munch, the acerbic, joking member who doesn't care much for government or other conspiracies; Dean Winter is the macho member who is having a fling with Hargitay; and Michelle Rudd does well as Jarrett, the fiercely loyal and hardworking member of the team. The scripts are intelligent, credible and sometimes outright frightening, and the whole show is expertly crafted. Looking forward to more with Law and Order.
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