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  1. @Windsteep What scale? These are already on eBay in 1:43 for 155 euros.
  2. @Jeffcad That's easy! I'm ready right now!
  3. @SILVERFINGER Myriam, Thank you for posting. My condolences to you and your mom. Claude will always be in my memory. Lloyd
  4. Oh my.... Rest in Peace, Claude.
  5. @cometm @Jeffcad Those Professional Cars are the worst! Hard to believe what it has come to after the beautiful creations of the past. The new Cadillac line-up (passenger cars) in my opinion, also are terrible. There will never be another large 4 door model, now that everyone wants SUV style vehicles. They don't interest me at all. Thats why my "new" "fleetwood" is a Volvo. Better fit and finish, and the same luxury. Most important, no little issues like I have had with every Cadillac. However, I will continue to collect our little models.
  6. Here is my Minimarque43 Vanderbilt Limousine wearing the proper colors, a limited edition of 50 produced. Also included here are pages from a booklet from the US Department of the Interior, National Park Service, which maintains this national historic site. Note, I had proper Government license plates attached to the model, and correctly added gold leaf to the hood ornament.
  7. @JR1COLLECTION Hello! Excellent work!
  8. @Jeffcad JP, I haven't seen the promotional photos. Good catch! However, it may also be a test mule for Reagan's Parade Car, because the 2 radio antennas are already on the back (same as what is/was on the 1:1) and, most importantly the addition of the trunk mount device that shows 2 green lights when foot is on accelerator, two yellow lights when foot comes off and a middle red light when brake is touched. That is for sure a government item. I have a few official detail pic of that somewhere. Going to look now.
  9. @caddycollector That is going to be a real beauty!!
  10. @JR1COLLECTION Yes, still interested! The same Blue color would be fine, if you proceed. I will most likely change wheels/tires, so please don't glue base.
  11. @cometm I agree, outstanding transformation. I wish I had those skills! Now, for everyone's viewing pleasure, a custom made (three of them known) low profile stretcher car for those who could afford it. How do you suppose those rear doors are properly hinged so as not to droop/sag eventually?
  12. @goldfingers Hi Claude! OK, I'm all in on that one. Let me know. I await a masterpiece. @caddycollector Yes, I am aware of that model. Dreaming of one now!
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