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(VW POLO 6r) ICE ICE POLO (ROBolop Design)

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Invité §rob674AK

I bought a new VW Polo.

This will be used for daily use, and most of the time, my wife will drive it. When we made the decision to buy a daily car, I had to make a promise that I wouldnt lower it, or put bigger wheels on it.

First of all, because she has troubles with her back, and for the wont be long until shell drive up the sidewalk.

But as for the ice, she had no problems with me doing some adjustments, BUT there had to stay enough room in the trunk at all costs.

The Polo is a 1400 comfortline, with DSG, Airco, Assheating, Cruise Control en some other stuff.

Here a picture from the Polo, just delivered (still with the protective foil on)

I will take some more pictures once shes washed, but there not much to be seen. Its an original new car.

But maybe some carbon updates will happen, who will know

About the ICE, everything I need is already here.

As for the radio, Im going to keep the original one, but since Im going to use an amp, Ive bought a Pac-Audio interface.

Im very happy I didnt sell the Precision Power amp I wanted to mount into the bimmer first.

This PPI Deq 230 is a 30band equalizer. I can screw demount the front from this device, and with the longer cable (which is in the box), you can change the settings behind the wheel.

As for the Subwoofer, I chose for the 4 Focal Utopia 13ws , again

Also the front speakers will be Focals: the KrX3 series

The filters.

And I also bought some cables and damping materials.

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Participants fréquents à ce sujet

Participants fréquents à ce sujet

Invité §rob674AK

Finally , I started on the Polo.

I searched the net to find some pictures of what could be hiding behind the carpet, but then I decided to take it all out anyway. Sooner or later, this was inevitable.



The spare wheel, well, that has to stay. The intention is that this stays easily accessible, in case we need it.

In other words, I’m going to make this install so that, in case of a flat tire, my wife can take the wheel easily and safely.


On the right side you can see there’s not much that can be done here.

It’s the place of the petrol tank, I’d better not cut this open do I ?

On the left side I’ve got some more place to work with, but ho wand what, I’m not quite sure.

Then I placed a piece of MDF on the bottom, and looked what kind of emplacement is possible here.

I was at first a bit disappointed there wasn’t enough room, cause in my case, you can’t have enough room!

The intention is that the sub-box is placed against the rear seats. This will be in favor of the pressure, and also the looks will be much more pretty.

What I do know is that I’ll place hem under diagonally. The view will be more spectacular and more beautiful, I think.

About the PPI (amplifierà), I’ll have enough space to work away the cables in an appropriate way (L and R)

The equalizer is something else…There’s no room for that. You can see that I got it out of its housing, and I placed it ON the amplifier. It looked OK in my opinion.


But I’m not there yet. First of all I’m going to calculate how many liters are necessary for the subbox, the rest will turn out from its own.

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Invité §rob674AK

Because the floor needs to go all the way up before you can access the spare wheel, I had to make a hinge first.

So I started to saw 2 little alu plates of 10mm thick.

Then I screwed them together and drilled 22mm holes in them.

These holes I oppressed with a lager of 22mm.

Oppress sound really professional, but I did it quite simple

As you can see, I placed the plate between the bench. After that I took a cap, which was a bit smaller than the lager, and then I turned it all together. Simple

The result.

The alu plates will be mounted on a bracket, which is already in the polo (from the factory)


I screwed a bolt through the lager, an M8.


Once I did this on both sides, I connected these 2 with a U

This U is on the inside 18mm. There Ill place the wood in.

You can also see that the wood will be placed diagonally

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Invité §rob674AK

This will be the box, that will be mounted in the trunk.

The 4 holes you see are for the Focal subs (4x13cm).



Another look at how big the sub-box will be.


Now you see a MDF-shelf that will part the sub-box from the amplifier area.




About the partition, Im thinking on some cool things, but Im not entirely sure yet



First I had the idea to work in the equalizer in one of the sun-blinders on the seiling, but they were too big for it. Its a pitty, cause I liked the idea myself.

Now Ive been working on the amplifier, and the more I see it, the more it grows on me.

Ill have to make a new sort of high-tec bracket, but that shouldnt be a problem I guess.



Here you can see its possible that I raise the equalizer a couple of more cms, and that too I liked!

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Invité §rob674AK
Invité §rob674AK

Because I’m going to mount the equalizer onto the amplifier, I decided to make an aluminum plate.


First of all I drew out everything on a piece of MDF, 8mm thick.

The MDF will serve as a mold for the actually alu plate.

Here you can see how I started.


The piece is finished, and I’m happy with the result.


I sawed out the alu plate with the jigsaw, after that I taped it on the MDF.


Then I started to mill this with the copymill.


The result:


I just need to sand the edges…


Then I mounted the EQ on there with 4 screws, and layed it on the amplifier.


The busses won’t stay as in this setup. I’m going to let some made on the height I want.


Here you can see the amp also stand on “busses”. I did this to work away the cables.


For the first time, I timed how long I worked on this Aluminum plate.



Drawing on MDF

Mill the MDF

Saw the Alu

Mill out the alu

This all took me about 5 hours…


But as you guys already know, I don’t give a f*k how long it took me, as long as the result is OK for me

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Invité §rob674AK

Here you see what I’ve done to work away the cables in an easy and fast way.

Close to the bottom of the amp, I made 2 oval holes (L and R)


On the bottom side I milled out a big sloth to place the cables in.


Once I placed the cables there, I’m going to screw a thin plate on there so the bottom side will look descent too.


I chose glass to work out the separation between the sub-box and the amplifier.

The glass is hardened, 12mm thick.

I chose this solution, so it will maybe look bigger, cause it’s all in one space.


I milled out a ditch on the left and the right.

Then I let someone bend me a lip on the alu of the amp and subbox.

The glass rests between them. Offcourse I’m going to kit it all off when the subbox is closed.


Off course I need to have some material left and right to screw the box tight.

This I’ll solve by glueing an aluminium bar against the glass.


Here you can see that this bar is also tightened left and right.




In that alu I can tap screwthread to screw my cover on. On the side I’ll place long woodbolts and on the back (hinge) I need to straighten it out with polyester, then it’s possible I also tap in some screwthread.

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Invité §rob674AK

I changed the plate which is on the amplifier. I widened it a bit more.

I also added a second plate underneath it. I’ve done this to give it a more tough look.

The sides of the thick plate will get polished, and the thin plate will be sprayed in black.


On the sides I foresaw other plates with fine openings.


About those openings, this will provide some more cooling for the amp, and off course look even better.

You can also see that the plate is placed on 4 rubbers, ON the amp.

On the outside I will add 4 alu busses, but need to let them make first.

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Invité §rob674AK

This time I won’t be working with copper for the connection of the Focal Subs. When I started this project, I said I was going to keep it basic….and I’m getting the feeling it’s getting a bit out of hand again .


I want to show with this connection , that you can make beautiful and good things with simple stuff.


First I let a friend make me a couple of aluminium busses.


Then I took an aluminium rectangular bar from 10mm on 15mm.

Once I perfectly measured where the holes need to be, I drilled all holes with a pillar drill machine.

This was for me the best way to drill the holes STRAIGHT.

Then I taped a lath in the subbox, and drilled the holes into the wood.


You can see, that I when I drilled a hole, I let the drill stay into the hole. That way the lath can’t go anywhere, and it all stays on 1 line.


Here you can see the alu bar, with the busses underneath.


The bar is mounted on 3 places with normal inbus-screws, which are sunken in. These inbus-screws you will see everywhere in this install.


Where the connection of the speaker will come, you can see holes of 8mm. Here will a little anodized aluminium tube will be placed, where the cable will run through.

When you look closely onto the picture, you can see I made big holes on the backside, and provided them with screwthread. Here will come an adjusting screw of M4 onto the little alu tube, so it’ll keep it’s place. And be doing this I’m sure that it won’t go vibrating cause of the subbox’ pressure.


I need to order the alu busses cause they aren’t in stock.

They’ll be delivered next week.


I also hope that the temperature will go up a bit, cause where I’m working now, there’s no heating. And for those little works, it’s freeeeeeezing on my hands (and the rest)

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Invité §Ton860Nr

hello robolop hello.gif


it's very good install and beautiful matérial love.gif.d29021971e04d09021dcd8de7a387b30.gif i see to diymobil audio ;)


sorry not speak english is not very perfect :Dlol.gif.96b64e04273cd8adaed50aa5b51425eb.gif


putain comment j'suis lamentable en englais c'est horrible lol.gif.96b64e04273cd8adaed50aa5b51425eb.gif


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Invité §cho240jE

hello robolop hello.gif


it's very good install and beautiful matérial love.gif.aeb33c9f9ceb7e4c6568f5c7fa163aae.gif i see to diymobil audio ;)


sorry not speak english is not very perfect :Dlol.gif.fe0f78a672d0a1dcfb26b5622d0a4f5c.gif


putain comment j'suis lamentable en englais c'est horrible lol.gif.fe0f78a672d0a1dcfb26b5622d0a4f5c.gif

jap.gif.5523aed9715769876994f182db0cfdd7.giflol.gif.fe0f78a672d0a1dcfb26b5622d0a4f5c.gif +1



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with any these pregnant, itgoing turn of thunder I hope you will do us a little video of his once installed :D


Traduction : avec toutes ces femmes enceintes, "itgoing" tourne du tonnerre j'espère tu nous feras une petite video du siens quand installé

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