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Ford Escort Cosworth, 1994 Ypres Rally, Patrick Snijers

Invité §Ome823cN

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Invité §Ome823cN

Dear All;


Starting to a new long term project. and I think this project will be more diffucult and detailed then my previous one, BMW M3 Rally.


the model I will try to replicate is belonging to Belgian rally pilot Patrick Snijers who had driven this Ford Escort Cosworth in European Rally championship in 1994.


I am planning to share more photos and maybe some videos about the rally (94 Ypres Rally) and the original car after I finish the model.


As base, I am using Ford Escort Cosworth road car made by UT models in 1/18 scale. Many of you may know that UT made nice models but not much detailed.

therefore, I had to make a lot of modifications on the chasis and floorpan. also, for the interior I have to built from scratch since the model was a road car. It's a bit challenging because I have to scratch built many parts and try to fit them into the car.

*photo taken from internet, credits to unknown owner. this is the original UT models 1/18 scale model.


another diffuculty is to find the correct spare parts such as wheels, tires, front lights etc. which is time consuming, therefore, I am expecting this project to be a long term one.


anyway, let the photos talk and introducing you guys what I have done so far in 2 months.


UT models missing many of the details and many parts are closed with the mold/cast. therefore, I had to cut and trim many areas on the model.

the first part was the engine bay. the engine they used was only as look, and underside is the mold itself.


I would like to have a more detailed and accurate engine. therefore, I will be using Minichamps Sierra Cosworth engine.


the engine will be sitting like this and sure there will be some water pumps, tanks etc to be added.


secondly, I cut wholes for air intakes on the front bumper. also did cut the side signals in order to have more air flow to the brakes.


later on I did draw and cut the air ventiles at the roof.


I have used Stryene sheet to make the roof air scoop


I have also drilled a small whole for the aerial.


did drill the boot for the pins.


The air ventiles on the trunk were sealed, so I cut them for a better look. also did drill wholes for the hood pin.

I have drilled the side skirts for the jack.


then, I have prepared part of the roll cage inside the engine area.


the original floorpan of the UT models is not so detailed. one of the most important missing was the top of the rear wheels were open. so I decided to cover with a stryene


especially the drive train was not so detailed. so I decided to merge the Minichamps Sierra Cosworth floor pan with the UT one in order to give more details, differential, gear box etc.


this is the latest look after merging two floorpans. still lot of detail to fix and finally will be painted into white.


once again I used Sierra Cosworth parts to prepare the inside floorpan. the front floorpan is from Sierra. now need to prepare the back side which probably has to be custom made by stryene sheets.


these days I am busy and try to continue this project when I could. and another difficulty is to find the correct spare parts and to get them. therefore I believe this project will take long time. but I can say I am enjoying it so much.

above took me 2 months to get it into this situation.


after the body and the floorpans are as I wish, I will continue with interior details such as roll cage, bucket seats, oil tank etc.


as usual I am looking forward to your critics, suggestions and comments.


thank you for your attention.




last night I worked on the model a bit and finished the front axles and suspensions.

once again I used Minichamps Sierra Cosworth parts merged with AUTOart 206 WRC parts.


and here this is with the Minichamps differential and gear box;


tonight I was planning to do some work on the engine. then I decided to use the spare AUTOart Sierra Cosworth parts to see how they will look. then started with the AUTOart engine.

need to a abit cutting and fitting.


here in this photo inside engine is from AUTOart while the one at the side is Minichamps.




I should work on AUTOart engine and fit into correct position.




I have also realized that I can use AUTOart Sierra Cosworth rear Differential in this project. need to do more cutting and fitting though :)

I think I started to make this project more complicated and difficult :)


Let me know your ideas and suggestions on using AUTOart or Minichamps engine?





last night I worked on the model and after the engine fitting I have done the body strengthening part next to the strut bars


after this, I started to built up the interior floor pan. the front piece is coming from Minichamps Sierra while I dont have any part that can fit to the back side. so I had to scratch built it.

I used stryene sheet to cover and fit the back floor pan.

there are still some small touch ups needed but will work on it at a later stage.


this is how it is going to look a like in one piece


at the end I worked a bit under the car. and try to fit the rear differential and suspensions on to position. the rear diff and arms are coming from AUTOart Sierra Cosworth.


that's it for the time being.


this weekend the WRC Germany is running... any of you guys following it up? It's live on air at





started working on the wheel arches and suspension mountings last sunday and just finished, would like to share some photos with you guys.



I think I can now start to work on the roll cage and then some paint for the interior.


looking forward to your suggestions and comments.



since we are done with the inside floor pan we can continue with the roll cage!


here comes the work in progress...


these are the final look photos


and a photo from inside the car


look forward to your comments and suggestions...




I had a busy week therefore didnt have chance to spare time for the model. eventhough couldnt post the photos of the progress I made last week.

so here they go...


due to the roll cage, the door cards were too thick to close the door. so, I decided to built up scratch door cards.

also adjust the rear side cards to fit with the roll cage.


I will later paint these cards into mat black.


the second job was on the dashboard. I fit the new rev meter as well as add a mid panel with switches. also add the co-pilot trip master.


I will later paint the dashboard into matt black to match the door cards.


and as final work of the last weekend was detailing the floor panel to have more accurate look.

also did put some strength parts to the corner of the roll cage.


I will try to have more progress this weekend.


as usual, your suggestions and comments all welcome



earlier I have used Sierra door handles on the new door panels. but later I changed my mind and prefer to use the original Escort door handles.

fit and fix them to their new home


last friday, I have also received a set of Twin head lights made by resin. these were made by a mate from UK forums. they are resin copy of Escort WRC head lights.

I had to work a bit on them to fit and fix them into their new position.

here is a reference photo


so far these are the latest...

I am now working on the drive train positioning and the underneath the car. later I will also post some photos.



Have a good one guys!


this weekend, I worked to detail the interior as well as the bottom of the car. I have also painted and would like to share the latest situation...


here below is the original UT floor pan...


and this is my conversion fitting the minichamps Sierra coswroth's underneath parts & partly floor pan..


the UT floor pan end had the oil tank. since this is a rally car and the tank is inside the car, so this part had to be modified. so I cut off the oil tank and create the chassis part made by stryene square beams.


these photos are as a trial to see how the cage and the interior looks inside the models


there are still some work have to do inside and under the model. some parts need some small adjustments and maybe another coat of white paint to be applied.


as you guys may follow up above, this is going to be the replica of '94 Ypres rally winner Patrick Snijers car. therefore, I am trying to replicate the car at most possible. unfortunately, I think I will be replacing the the original Star shape wheels with the below ones...

the reason is that I couldnt find the correct matching wheels with 4 holes. the Uli nowak has the compomotive star shape replicas in 5 holes.


my wheels were also 5 holes but made of plastic/resin. therefore it was easier to modify them to 4 holes.


these are the latest updates on the model I have done recently.

looking forward to your suggestions and comments





this week I have detailed the interior of the car as well as some paint job.

I have painted the dashboard into mat black and attached the rev, co-pilot computer and the switch group in the middle console.


I have painted the door cards into mat black as well. also attach the door opener and a pocket at the co-pilot door


I have also painted the front carriage into mat black and detailed with red


I have scratch built a oil tank referring to Francois delecour's car.


I have also detailed the interior; cables, fire extinguishers, pedal set, gear and hand brake


this is the current look of the interior which I will be adding some more parts soon


I will soon be starting the paint job. therefore, before painting whole car, I give a try with the trunk first.


currently it looks good to me.

I will later paint the whole body and the doors into white. and after it dries properly then will do the window frames and finally do the red part



I have started with the paint last weekend.


first of all, I started with white color and then I did applied a layer of clear coat. I will be waiting for the paint and the clear coat to settle before I paint the window frames and then finally the red color.


the first photo taken right after the white+clear coat applied on the model


and this is just a trial to see how the model looks in white...


so far our white beauty ;)



after long masking, I applied the red color


after the paint I had to take out the masking tape. during this time my heart beat was increasing :)


result, besides couple small faults it looks good so far...

after opening the mask tapes I applied a coat of laquer. before doing anything, I will wait 4-5 days so that the colors and the paint settles.



it's been a while I have been working to fit and fix components on the floor pan.

since the whole floor pan had been scratch built and all suspension, differential etc coming from different models, there was a bit job to do fitting and fixing them to each other.


so, still some adjustments needed but here below how it looks at the moment.






the whole floor pan


rear differential and suspension


AP Racing brake pads & discs


and this time, I made a different fitting between the hubs & the wheels. I tried to replicate original fitting as real cars does have.

now, we can go to the service park to change the tires/wheels :)


first baby steps ;)


these are so far what I have done. still need some adjustments on the wheels and suspension


let me know what you guys thinking!

suggestions and comments welcome



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Invité §Ome823cN


thanks for the warm welcome!


the model is still in progress though. I am waiting for a friend to build some aluminum parts for this model. after those are ready I will go a head!

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Invité §Ome823cN

ok guys, it's time for some update on the model!

I know it's been veryyyyy long time I haven't done any progress since I was looking forward to get some parts custom made and it took a while to sort it out.

anyway, I have had chance to work on the model last weekend and did some basic detailing in the interior.

worked on the fuel lines and the fire lines...

also prepared the photo edged seat belts and location of the seats


looking forward to your suggestions and comments.


and the latest look of the interior...


thats the progress so far at this moment, and very soon I hope to update with a special progress...

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Invité §Ome823cN

so, here I am back again with another progress


as explained last week, I gave a break to this model for a very long time. the reason was, there were some missing parts and areas I was not happy about.

one of them were the wheels. I couldn't find the proper replica of the original Speedline wheels so I decided earlier to use the 7 spoke wheels I have in hand. and made the arrangements accordingly...


Escort was a very important car competed in the rally history. so, I would like to replicate it as precise as possible.


I have been in touch with Halil for a very long time discussing about this model. he was one of the impatient supporters of this model and keep asking and pushing me to finish the model :)

he also knew that I was not so happy with the wheels so he offered me to take the responsibility to custom build these wheels for this project.

after spending many hours and efforts he finished these perfectly crafted wheels!

I would like to thank him once more in here for his great efforts and his patience on working with me to build up these beautiful aluminum wheels!

thank you mate a million ;)


Halil, first started to draw the wheels in 3D.


and then it was time for the CNC machine to take part ;)


after I received the wheels, I made some small adjustments and paint them into white as original.


and last I applied the Speedline decals and gave a clear coat for finishing.


this is how wheels going to look on Cossie ;)





I love these wheels and will be using them in all my 90' era projects! I want at least 10 sets more!!!!!!

hehehe you'r in trouble mate


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