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Ford Sierra Cosworth 1/18, 1988 Rally Portugal, #15 Carlos Sainz

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Invité §Ome823cN

Hi guys!


starting a new project which this time I would like to share the wip and get your suggestions...

the model I would like to replicate is the Ford Sierra Cosworth in 1/18 scale driven by Spannish matador Carlos Sainz in 1988 Rally Portugal.


I am using an AA Sierra Cosworth as the base model and will be doing the paint job+decals+clear coat and re-assembly.

here below are some photos of the model, original car and my wip.


suggestions and comments are highly welcomed!



Original car in action in 1988 Rally Portugal


*thanks to Dave (zeus) helping me out with reference photos


Base model for the custom build, AA 1/18


trying on the new shoes, by Uli Nowak...

the Uli wheels are 5 nuts while the original wheels has 4 nuts... I can try to change it to 4 but the Uli wheels are so good to ruin :) so I am not so sure if I would like to convert them :)




and first painted into white


then the famous fluorescent red painted...



so, here comes a bit more progress on the model...


started to assemble the model and worked a bit on the new wheels and the ride height..

still need to paint the front grill and some more decals/stickers to apply. hope to finish it tomorrow!


by the way, rally mexico is up. any of you guys listening to the World Rally radio for the live action?


here comes the progress on the new Uli Nowak wheels


these Uli Nowak wheels/tires are wideeee....


first trials ;)


just an idea how the car will be looking like...



the car will be finished soon...

keep watching

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Invité §Ome823cN

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