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Aygo AvMap module plug one (left) 6 pin molex connector wiring layout.

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Invité MohMal

I've encountered a problem whilst wiring a retro fit full X-Nav kit to our 2018 Aygo 1 litre petrol 5 door. The AvMap module (glovebox area top left). This has 3 plug in cables. The 1st cable on left has a 6 pin molex, the centre cable has a 90 degree turned USB plug, the third cable has a 4 pin molex connector. During fitting I've pulled the 6 pins wires out accidentally ( What an idiot I was yanking the cable as it wasnt long enough to reach/plug in whilst holding onto the plug connector). Now I have no idea which colour wire goes to which PIN. I wonder if someone else has had this problem or if anyone can try gaining access to there AvMap unit (place a thin flat blade screwdriver top left / right  push through angle to press tabs hidden and Unit pulls straight out) and take me a picture of the 6 pin molex connector wire feed end, so I'm able to re-position my wire colours correctly. There are blue, green, purple wires top row and two black wires on bottom, with a blank pin Any help or advice would be appreciated. Really appreciate as I cannot get any information from my local toyota parts dept, or find any wiring diagrams online.

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