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3D PRINTED CAR: Twizy inside !

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car built entirely around a body constructed by a 3D printer has been successfully test driven.

A couple of days ago, during the International Manufacturing Technology Show (ITMS) in Chicago, a manufacturer called Local Motors finished building the printed vehicle.

The team at Local Motors began constructing the electric car, called the Strati, early during ITMS and gradually progressed within the show’s six days of running.

Members of the public were able to track progress of this car’s construction online using Twitter. The Local Motors Twitter account provided regular updates on progress building the Strati. Images posted on Twitter showed the Strati’s body being formed at the Chicago show with a 3D printer.

When the print off the body was finished, staff at Local Motors began integrating other parts within, including the suspension and the electric motor. Most parts that weren’t printed came from a Renault Twizy.

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