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La seule Shelby Cobra Super Snake vendue à 5,1 millions de $

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Un des commentaires de l'article laisse penser que l'enchère est bidon pour sauver la valeur faciale de l'auto qui avait été achetée 5,5 millions de $ par l'actuel vendeur en 2007.


Was in Scottsdale earlier in the week and then saw the Auction so for those who didn't, take these nuggets of info as you'd like.

1. Bidding stalled at around 3.7 Million. When I say stalled, I mean - any other car not going for 7 figures would have long just hammered down but they kept it alive and kept talking it up.

2. Not sure where or how, but at some point a 2nd bidder got involved again with the eventual buyer. That went back and forth up until 4.5m in which the eventual owner wanted NO MORE. [ Makes sense 4.5m +10% BJ fee = 5 Million] Good purchase given that was what Ron Pratt paid pre- BJ 10% fee.

3. The guys at BJ did a good job squeezing out another 200k out of the 2 guys until he said NO MORE. - Bid moved on.

At the end of the day how did it settle at 5.115 Million?


My guess is Craig Jackson worked out a Deal with Ron and the Buyer to reduce the fee and save Face. Ron over paid for this one years ago and they didn't want the cover title to be... "Super Snake sells at a Discount"

If I'm not mistaken, a lot of Ron's 7 Figure cars didn't do nearly as well in terms of % as the 6 figure cars.

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