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We prepare the FORD GT DAYS 2016 at Le Mans Classic.

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The FORD GT DAYS 2016 at Le Mans Classic, are already being prepared, with the desire to keep the spirit of 2014, but make the gathering even more spectacular.

We have set a number of objectives, including :

- Gather more Ford GT.

- Propose a richer program, spread over more days.

- Obtain laps on the « circuit des 24 heures » reserved for Ford GT, with the ability to drive much faster.

- Gather everyone in the same hotel closest to the circuit.

- Etc ...

Added to this, is the challenge to host Ford GT coming from America with their owners.

We officially launched the invitation, and it immediately received a positive reception.

We proposed to organize free of fee, everything happening in France.

But the biggest difficulty is the transportation of the cars over the Atlantic.

Some enthusiast are already working on the subject, in the USA.

Many thanks to them.

This topic is intended to inform everyone on the preparation of the FORD GT DAYS 2016, to exchange on the subject and to collect the suggestions.

To start, here are the first messages exchanged on the U.S. Forum about transportation of the Ford GT, to Europe.


Hopefully, we'll get 30 more from the U.S. for 2016.


From David Jones :

Having worked with Francis to bring the UK owners to Le Mans Classic this year I can say with confidence 2016 will be something special.

I'll be at the Rally this year and look forward to talking to US owners about how we can put this together


From Xcentric :

I got a quote from "Ship Overseas," for shipping a GT from Florida to Le Havre. One way from Jacksonville is $1,030, plus destination fees, if any. Truck transport to Jacksonville is extra. From Tampa, for example, the trucking charge to the port is $375. Actual cash value insurance is essential and I don't know that cost. The ship is RoRo and the trucking is open truck.

Of course there are many scary pitfalls. Multiple drivers destroying the clutch; smashed air dams and diffusers; etc. Anxiety levels would be maxed out, for me anyway.

It seems to me that a possibly better alternative is to rent a container, presuming that owners could load/unload the cars themselves.

Does anyone have any experience with shipping a car in a container? I have known people in the past who did this, but long out of touch.



Currently, we're looking into filling a 747 and fly them over…


From David Jones :

If it's any help I'd be happy to assist at this end. It may be easier to ship to the UK with everything being in English. You can drive yourself from the UK to France - I've done it numerous times in GT's

Let me know if I can assist in any way.




My current thoughts - about a week before the 2016 24 Heures du Mans Race in June, we fly up to 30 GT's over to Stuttgart (where the 101 cars were flown and modified for European homologation standards) in a 747 (which can hold 30 cars). No dealing with containers or longshoreman, etc. We drive in a group, picking up European GT's along the way - a 1-2 day drive to Le Mans. All cars would be shipped or driven to a common Air Freight pickup point.

We stay through the race weekend, which should be spectacular, as part of Ford's promotional celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1st GT40 win over Ferrari! We then go as a group to Spa/Francorchamps (1-2 day drive) and enjoy a ½ or full day on the track at Spa. Drive one more day to the Nürburgring, and spend ½ or full day on the track there. There will then be about a week or more for everyone to spend enjoying Europe for their own individual interests, and then regroup at Le Mans again for the 2016 Classic with Francis and his club about 2-3 days before the event.

It won't be cheap, but I think it could be done for under $50K - including all the lodging and track times. I'm pretty sure we can get the transportation - air round trip - for under $25K per car. Details to be investigated - insurance, import/export fees, etc. I don't include gasoline or meals as part of it, as we'd be paying for that anyway (gas will obviously be higher in Europe).

I'm trying to be realistic - but also want to scare away anyone who wouldn't want to put up that kind of an investment for a vacation. This is really more of a dedication to Ford and America than just a vacation overseas. I'd be proud to be a part of it!

Let me know your feelings, for, as Francis says, for such a large group, reservations would have to be initiated soon...

I'm ready!


From Xcentric :

This is so insane that naturally, I'm at full attention. It's hard to imagine that flying cars to Europe and back makes any sense, but...well...maybe the coolness factor trumps financial practicality.

Suggestion. Let's start a planning thread. I hate to eliminate people for financial reasons. I think we have time to develop a spreadsheet of alternatives without committing to any one transport method.

Seriously, flying cars seems over the top, but who knows? Too many variables are not defined.

I offer my time in support. I don't want to take lead, because of my total inexperience. However, I can research anything to death. If someone takes the lead, I'm committing to helping in anyway possible.


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