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[Topic Officiel] Actualités Opel (Gamme, Concepts, Projets...)

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  1. Posté le 07/09/2018 à 18:15:20  
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ditchleterrible a écrit :

J'ai lu dans le moniteur auto qu'il y avait des changement de moteur dans la gamme :o
notamment pour le mokka X qui voit le 1.6 115 cv remplacé par le 1.4 120 cv...
J'ai vu aussi un 1.6 136 cv pour le zafira :??: à la place des 1.4 120 et 140 cv...
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Passage à Euro 6.d-Temp

"Aisin c est le Renault de la bva." © pif_le_chien
"Certes mais je fais partie des 3 % de FA qui ne gagne pas + de 7000€ par mois" © Vr00m
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  1. Posté le 10/10/2018 à 09:14:51  
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Opel to Launch Eight All-New or Refreshed Models by 2020

-Stronger customer orientation and dealer performance
-Focus on high volume and high growth segments with three key launches by 2020: all-new Corsa, Vivaro and Mokka X successor
-Ensure CO2 compliance with state-of-the-art technology: four electrified vehicles by end of 2020; 100 percent electrification by 2024;
further improved combustion engines

Rüsselsheim. Opel is continuing to execute the PACE! plan product offensive to meet customer needs and ensure compliance with
the drastic Europe-wide CO2 guidelines which become effective in 2020. The future portfolio will ensure a sustainable, successful future
for both the company and its dealer network. From early 2019 to the end of 2020, the company will launch eight all-new or
refreshed models, investing primarily in high-volume and profitable segments. By then, Opel will be offering one of the newest portfolios
of all volume manufacturers.

With its PACE! plan, Opel has clearly committed to bringing at least one all-new model onto the market every year. In 2019 alone, Opel will
launch the new generation of the bestselling Corsa and the successor to the successful Vivaro as LCV and passenger car variants.
Additional variants and equipment versions of the Combo will also be on sale, thus significantly renewing the LCV portfolio.
The successor to the hugely popular Opel Mokka X will follow in 2020 and will play a pivotal role for the strategy to expand the proportion
of the company’s SUV sales from 25 to 40 percent by 2021.

“Opel goes electric” was one of the commitments made by the company in November 2017 as part of its PACE! plan. Order books for both the all-
electric new five-seater Corsa and the Grandland X PHEV which will be produced in Eisenach will be open by the summer of 2019.

By the end of 2020, Opel will have a total of four electrified models on offer, providing a lot of driving pleasure and transforming e-cardemand
from niche to volume. By 2024, there will be an electrified version of every Opel model. Opel will make highly interesting offers, both
technically and economically, and will democratise electro-mobility while further improving its combustion engines.

In order to contribute to the CO2 compliance and to focus on high volume segments, the Opel ADAM, KARL and Cascada will not be replaced
after the end of their life cycles, but will remain on sale until the end of 2019. With the new portfolio, Opel will continue to cover around
80 percent of the mainstream market volume in 2020 – with significantly higher efficiency and customer-orientation while simultaneously
reducing complexity.

“In a context of drastic CO2 norms, it’s our responsibility to shape a sustainable future for our company and our dealers with a highly
competitive portfolio for passenger and light commercial vehicles. Opel will offer fun to drive and emotionally designed models including
highly competitive light commercial vehicles such as the new Combo and Vivaro. The customers will benefit from the broad introduction
of innovative technologies and affordable electrification,” said Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller. “The most recent awards – like the IVOTY
2019 for our Combo – demonstrate that we are on the right path.”

The German manufacturer with almost 120 years of automotive tradition is leveraging Groupe PSA platforms and innovative propulsion
technologies for all new models. Opel has impressively demonstrated its efficiency this year: the entire portfolio was and is fully available
from dealers in time for the transition to the new Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure standard (WLTP). Moreover,
Opel is already fully ready for the new Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard and offers 127 passenger car models that meet the requirements
which will come into effect for all new registrations in September 2019. “Our commitment to Euro 6d-TEMP is part of our strategy to
become a leader in the reduction of vehicle emissions and a key pillar of our customer-centric approach. Whoever buys a new Opel now
must not fear a city driving ban from today’s perspective,” said Lohscheller. [...] odels-2020
Message édité par mike29b le 10/10/2018 à 09:18:04

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